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Senior Investigator Jerry Cziok has many years of experience as a Private Investigator and previously as a police officer conducting pre-employment background investigations of officer candidates as well as non-sworn uniformed personnel. The outsourcing of a background investigation is an efficient use of a department’s resources which saves time and costs. By utilizing a highly qualified independent investigator with State approved continuing education courses, we can greatly aid in keeping your hiring process moving on schedule and budget.
Similar in scope to the background investigation outsourcing, LawGistic Partners can provide experienced investigators who have worked a variety of complaints against officers both internal or brought by citizens. Often complaints against Chief or Senior Law Enforcement Officers in small jurisdictions are best investigated by an independent private investigator which also eliminates any conflicts with a neighboring agency.

Our Senior Investigator in addition to the experience of investigating complaints against officers while as a Police Officer and Private Investigator, has also served as the president of a police supervisors union.

For more information on how we serve law enforcement agencies, or to request investigative services, please call us today at 612-800-9500 or send us a message.

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LawGistic Partners, LLC is a Professional, Industry Leading Process Service Company, which conducts investigations, and courier services.

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