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Employee Misconduct

Office disruptions, aggressive behavior, bullying, harassment, gross insubordination, safety negligence, tobacco / alcohol / drug use and mistreatment of equipment are just some of the issues that employers can face. Although there are many approaches to investigating employee misconduct, more employers are realizing the benefit of having a professional, independent investigator handle difficult or unorthodox misconduct situations.

Having LawGistic Partners handle these matters helps to reduce the stress on HR, on witnesses and victims alike and sends a positive message to employees that management takes these matters seriously and impartially. This approach also removes any specter of favoritism or biases associated with having a company employee conduct the investigation.

Lastly, LawGistic Partners provides seasoned professional investigators who do this full time rather than asking HR to handle a situation they may not be familiar with.

For more information on the employee misconduct services from LawGistic Partners or to request investigative services, please call us today at 612-800-9500 or send us a message.

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