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Asset Location

Asset location goes hand in hand with judgment collection but there are other reasons to research and locate assets that belong to another person or business entity. Examples of these might include due diligence investigations conducted with regard to a business formation or a prospective mergers and acquisitions case.

You may also want to research assets when involved in a partnership and other business disputes and dissolutions. It is often useful before filing to commence litigation; you may want to conduct this research to see if there is any 'pot at the end of the rainbow.' LawGistic Partners investigators look for hard assets such as real property and chattel, including motor vehicles. We look for business interests as well as assets that are sometimes overlooked, such as patents and trademarks. In keeping with restrictions which may exist due to federal or local laws and rules, it may also be possible for us to examine and confirm liquid assets such as bank/brokerage accounts.

For more information on the asset location services from LawGistic Partners or to request investigative services, please call us today at 612-800-9500 or send us a message.

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