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Court Research

Our court service department provides filing, records research and retrieval, procurement of forms, and information on court rules and procedures. Through extensive cross training, in-house seminars, and outside continuing education, our court services staff maintains a level of knowledge and experience which is unequaled. With specialists in every area of court service, the answer to your question is only a phone call away.

As a retainer client, your court service includes a daily pickup at your office and same day or next day filing in over 125 courts and offices throughout Arizona and Minnesota. As a member of NAPPS, we have affiliates to handle your work virtually anywhere in the world.

Unlike most of our competitors, we also request and review court files and order copies that same day as part of your regular daily service. Our personal service for your firm not only insures greater quality control over your work but offers the fastest turnaround time possible.

For more information on court research services from LawGistic Partners or to request legal support services, please call us today at 612-800-9500 or send us a message.

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LawGistic Partners, LLC is a Professional, Industry Leading Process Service Company, which conducts investigations, and courier services.

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Our corporate headquarters are based in Minnesota with offices in Arizona. We service clients throughout the nation.

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