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Foreclosure Services

LawGistic Partners has several specialists available to assist with your foreclosure service needs. From plot map reading, records searches or property posting notices, we have the experience to make sure your files are handled correctly, timely and professionally. Foreclosure services are available throughout the states of Arizona and Minnesota as well as nationally with our affiliates.

For more information on foreclosure related services from LawGistic Partners or to request legal support services, please call us today at 877-333-0350 or send us a message.

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About us

LawGistic Partners, LLC is a Professional, Industry Leading Process Service Company, which conducts investigations, and courier services.

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Minnesota: (612) 333-0393
Arizona: (480) 966-2228

Toll Free: (877) 333-0350


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Our corporate headquarters are based in Minnesota with offices in Arizona. We service clients throughout the nation.

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